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I have been the guitar player in Ten Day Wish since day one.

When a back injury and subsequent nerve damage left me unable to play, Somebody had to take up the job--that now falls to Kelley Chesney.

I RECORDED THIS FAIRLY WELL IN THE 30 MINUTES WE USED TO GET LEVELS AND SET A MIX.  MIKE AUKOFER-DRUMS, DAVID DIBBERN-BASS, SANDY-GUITARS & KEYS, TANYA VOCALS.  RECORDED WHILE WAITING FOR A GUITAR PLAYER TO AUDITION.  NEVER SHOWED UP.  3 mic's on drums and Dave playing a wickedly sinister bass part--then me with guitars & keys...It is an Alanis Morisette tune you probably know.
"You Ought to Know"...

Here is a great song by a fella I used to know in Hays named Mark Selby who has worked a lot with Kenny Wayne Sheppard.  It's called "Powerline".  I generally hate anything I do musically, so I try to surround myself with those who are GREAT.  But I kinda liked the way I sang this....Closing my eyes and talking to the mic--just like he's an old friend of mine...Copyright Mark Selby.

I warn you, when I wrote this I had been listening to Bruce Springsteen's "Nebraska" album...It is a song about...well--it pretty much speaks for itself.  Happy music.  Sad lyrics...I did everything on this...including not realizing I wrote the final draft of the words on--August 23rd, as mentioned in the song.  Creepy.   

Black Rose (Copyright Sandy White BMI)

Written on our honeymoon at Glen-Isle on the Platte outside of Bailey, CO.  Bailey has been mentioned several times on the TV show "SOUTH PARK", as co-creator, Trey Parker grew up just a few miles from there in Evergreen, CO--on highway 285. 

Tanya White-Lyrics,  Sandy White--music and performance. 
Come Closer (Copyright Sandy White/Tanya White BMI)


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